foolish example of immediate design...

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Source code: harmony_web_remake

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..anyway I don't want readers to think I'm promoting immediate design processes... I'm just promoting a wider reflexion on potentials aims and tools... to prove my good faith I'll add a quote against certain type of stylistical digital design production by a truly hopeful technocrat as Sanford Kwinter... “The “hunters for form” take many guises and cut across all generations: young narcissists stricken with computer puppy love, who believe in magic (and software faeries too no doubt), and are totally enthralled with whatever the beloved machine digitally excites; the rodeo gang with big offices, big personnel, and military software (“no time for thinking here boys, just aim...and shoot”), who favor anything gymnastic that other, smaller operations can't manage (and which fact alone, they think, merits them the commission).” FarFromEquilibrium . Playboys of the western world