1. H.ardly D.efined B.oundaries

    January 18, 2014 by hot tuNa

    Welcome to Singapore!

    social organization recipes made with electronic precision balance

    new recent measures to contain the, everyday growing, worrying “epidemic” of foreignness.

    latest academic research worn that this sneaky bacteria might lead to spread of threatening symptoms like strange “ideas”

    new quota for foreigners in public housing capped to 8% per neighborhood and 11% per block as reported by the straits times (link)


  2. the color of platinum

    April 20, 2012 by hot tuNa

    can platinum be green?
    can a rare metal it be a good label for the highest rate of “green mark”?

    If you are wondering what the green mark could be, you just have to think that, in Asia, anything to be considered true needs a certification…..better if with a score, a number, that makes you immediately aware of the supposed qualities of the thing in question…. easier, isn’t it?
    you don’t need to have any judgement criteria, you can even leave home common sense because someone took the disturb to judge for you and tell you what is good and bad…

    SUSTAINABILITY, the supreme marketable desire of the 2000 era, obviously has its own score…
    even though you might think that sustainability is a very holistic concept, they could easily break it down in totally unreleated categories, so that you can compensate you glass facade by recycling water for a couple of planters….and nature will thank…

    A couple of weeks ago in Singapore, less than 10km away from the equator, was inaugurated the new Ice rink, inserted in a mall in perfect local style…and obviously it got its green mark “platinum”…

    The complexity and sophistication of today’s world makes it impossible for everybody to know and understand technical reasons without specialistic knowledge, and that’s how it becomes easy to demonstrate how creating and melting ice inside of a mall in the tropics can help reduce its environmental impact…

    finally numbers have become more powerful than common sense, if some of it is still present around the world, especially in south east asia….

    Ok, I agree that the ice rink in singapore is an absurd concept, as if they recreated tropical beaches in a shopping centre in Canada…..

  3. made of plastic…it’s fantastic…

    September 8, 2011 by hot tuNa


    In south-east asia during the seventh lunar month Buddhist and Taoist people burn money and other goods to symbolically give them to the hungry ghosts of the ancestors, demonstrating their distance from materiality.
    But chinese are more clever than spirits and burn fake money as they won’t recognize the difference.
    A fake ritual is more than enough in a fake world,
    but in case you wanna dare having real feelings and burn real money for your spirits….
    in Singapore money is made of a kind of plastic which can’t flare up…
    always a step ahead in deleating the past