1. “innocence is overrated”

    February 3, 2013 by hot tuNa

    this is the brilliant title of the following painting by Thai artist Natee Utarit, exhibited a while ago in a harbout warehouse in Singapore.

    it is part of a “positive” serie called “optimism is ridiculous” which itself is part of the bigger Singaporean art event “WE ARE ASIA” (is it casuality the reference cosmic pessimism/contemporary asia? I honestly don’t think so….)
    The painter said to be inspired by Derek Jarman’s anachronistic (and amazing, I would add,..) movie “Caravaggio” from 1986.

    I personally didn’t find the “baroque” paintings by our Thai friend extremely special, but the titles really worth it and the overall impression was very interesting.

    And, of course, the movie is really good, so I recommend it to everybody, together with Wittgenstein, which is even better..