1. Bondi to Bollywood, with a quick stop in Baghdad..

    March 4, 2013 by hot tuNa

    Jonathan Kneebone, from the sydney based collective of “creatives” the glue society participated to the interesting annual conference for the design society festival in Singapore, last saturday

    a group of people from very different backgrounds and with no specific direction, they blur the boundaries between writing, film-making, art and much more, they basically find original and unconventional solutions for anything…

    ok they mostly gain their lives with advertisements and for a comedy show adv with the ridiculous budget of 5000$, they came up with this really super smart idea:

    Chaser’s War On Everything from The Glue Society on Vimeo.

    they basically put the cartel on the cheapest billboards in the world, which means, anywhere in the world, from Estonia to Iraq and from Iceland to India…where they even painted it by hand, as they do for Bollywood movies, because it’s much cheaper down there!!!

    the result was viral and they got an incredible web and press coverage.